Upcoming Chorizo Jam!

by Hitesh Chawala

Our upcoming new flavor, Chorizo Jam is everything a meat connoisseur wants in a jar. Our Chorizo Jam, made from the best Chorizo available, sourced straight from homes of Goa is a perfect reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine. These Goan sausages have a rich culinary history and are packed with flavours of rich heritage. We turn these humble chorizo sausages into the perfect blend of sweet and spicy jams so you can enjoy them all year round, at the twist of a cap.

Our goal is not just to produce something delicious, but to give the humble ingredient Chorizo a centre stage to show how versatile of a product our country can produce. We are here to empower Chorizo. And make your midnight cravings and breakfast delicioso! obviously.

Our Jam, which will be available on our store from the coming month, is a perfect spread to your toast and the best friend your fried eggs never had. It doesn’t just stops there, pair it on a cheese board with some fresh ricotta or goat’s cheese, or just smear it on crackers to make your next house party exciting.