Bacon Thecha Dosa

1. Dosa Batter (As required) (ID batter used here)
2. Eggs (1 per dosa)
3. Nomad Bacon Thecha
4. Red Thecha (optional – for spice)
5. Green Thecha (for serving)

1. In a bowl, crack and egg, with one tsp of Nomad Bacon Thecha and one tsp of red thecha (if
using). Beat it together, and keep aside.
2. Heat a flat tawa and pour one ladle of dosa batter, and spread it while going in outward
3. Once you see the dosa becoming slightly golden, add the egg-thecha mix over the dosa and
spread it.
4. Let cook till the egg seems done.
5. Fold in half, and serve with green thecha, or any condiment of choice. Makes an amazing
and healthy breakfast!

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