Chicken-Bacon Roulade with cheese sauce

A. For Chicken Roulade:
1. Chicken breast – 1
2. Garlic – 15-20 pieces
3. Nomad Bacon Thecha – 1 tbsp
4. Nomad Bacon Stout Marmalade – 1 tbsp
5. Chilli flakes – 1tsp
6. Onion flakes – 1tsp
7. Mixed herbs – 1tsp

1. Fine chop Garlic, and add Bacon Stout Marmalade, Bacon Thecha, Chilli Flakes, Onion
Flakes, Mixed Herbs, and a pinch of salt. It shall have a pasty consistency.
2. Place chicken breast between two cling films and pound it thin, while spreading it out.
Be carefully to not break it.
3. Take the garlic and bacon paste, and spread it on the breast.
4. Roll into a log and tightly wrap in cling wrap. Keep in fridge for at least an hour. When
taken out, it shall hold the shape.
5. Seer it in a pan with little oil. Seer till cooked through.
6. Take out and let sit. Meanwhile, make the cheese sauce.

B. For Cheese Sauce
1. Cheese Cube – 2 (grated)
2. Mozzarella Cheese – 100 gm (broken into pieces / grated)
3. Butter – 75 gm
4. Milk- 1 cup
5. Mushrooms – 1⁄2 cup
6. Basil leaves – 2 sprigs
7. Cherry Tomatoes – 10
1. In a pan, melt butter, and add milk.
2. Add Basil leaves and mushrooms. Put both the cheeses and melt into milk.
3. Once cheeses melt, switch off the heat and add cherry tomatoes to the sauce. The sauce is

1. Take the chicken roulade and cut into slices.
2. In a plate, spread the cheese sauce. Place the roulade slices onto it.
3. Garnish with fresh basil leaves. Amazing dinner for a wine date.

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