Chorizo Jam

Chorizo Jam

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Our chorizo jam is chunky, spicy, sweet and everything Goan. After months of flirting with The Soul Company in taking our world of Thechas and Jams and all round goodness into their world, we knew it was time to take things up a notch. So we took one of our collective passions in the world, chorizo, added some much required marmalade to it and we have our very own Chorizo Marmalade for you.

We source our chorizo straight from Goan aunties, cook it along with onions and tomatoes to make this jar packed with flavour and a soulful experience. 

Highly recommended with cheese and pav! 

Get Chorizo ready now!

Choris is a traditional Goan pork sausage. 
Shelf life: 3 months when refrigerated 

Net Wt: 200gms

Our products are small batch and freshly made without any preservatives. Please allow us 2-4 days to ship your order. 200mL reusable/ recyclable glass jars.